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This family business, now managed by the 7th generation, is the oldest sardine cannery in the world still in operation. Established in Douarnenez, Brittany, since 1853, Connétable is committed to combining quality fish with fine and varied recipes to offer gourmets ever more tasty products.

Passed on from generation to generation, the exceptional knowledge of fish and a manufacturing process that combines traditional methods and modern manufacturing processes are the pride of the Chancerelle House, whose teams perpetuate with passion the success that has accompanied the group and the Connétable brand for over 165 years.

Photo boîte de Connétable Sardines à l'ancienne
Photo Boîte de Sardines au piment
Photo Boîte de Sardines de Bretagne
photo Boîte de Sardines au naturel
Photo Boîte de filet de maquereaux moutarde
Photo boîte de Filets de Maquereaux à la moutarde
Photo produit Connétable Rillettes de saumon
Photo Produit Connétable Rillettes de thon


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